Buy and sell cryptocurrencies at Kanga cryptocurrency exchanges offices!

Show me a person who has not heard such notions as bitcoin, blockchain or at least cryptocurrencies these days. It can easily be assumed that even if you are not interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, you are still aware that something that used to lurk in the dark corners of the Internet has eventually found its way up to the headlines of the biggest news portals today. Yet the cryptocurrency revolution is not only about Bitcoin and the exchange, but also about many other related services and tools which enable you to understand, even if you do not hold a PhD in NASA, what they are all about and use them with peace of mind.

The stationary Kanga exchange offices are just the type of service. Designed in such a way as to give the user the feeling of control and security on every step of their way. Have you ever used a BLIK code to make your payment? If you have, then we are home. Our exchange offices use a similar verification mechanism for transactions! If you haven’t, not all is lost yet – the process is designed in a way that you will have no trouble understanding it.

So then, what’s the story? How to use a cryptocurrency exchange office?
Let us suppose that you are already done with the first step – setting up an account at Kanga Exchange. Nay, let’s suppose you have gone a bit further and you even have a Kanga Wallet app installed. If my assumptions are correct, then the only thing left to do is go to a Kanga partner exchange office (you will find the list of partner exchange offices at Once inside, accompanied by the exchange office operator you will determine whether you wish to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The operator will inform you about the exchange rate and commission and you can always try to negotiate (what a thrill if you succeed!). Then the operator will ask you to provide a code which will initialize the transaction. You can generate the code either in your online account (the ‘Exchange offices’ tab on the webpage) or in your Kanga Wallet app. Once you give them the code the system will ask you to confirm the conditions of the transaction (you will see them on your screen) and… that’s it!

Now, if you are buying cryptocurrency the equivalent value of the money transferred to the operator will appear in your Kanga wallet. You can access your wallet either through the app or on the webpage. However, if you wish to sell cryptocurrency, then you will have to top your wallet up with Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency of your choice first. It is worth noticing that in Kanga exchange offices you can also buy or sell other types of cryptocurrencies, like ETH, USDT and LINK.

What if you do not have an account in Kanga Exchange and you do not want to have it?
On our part we can declare that we are working hard on it that you would wish to have such an account, because it is simply worth it (the holders of Kanga exchange accounts may transfer cryptocurrencies between each other simply by providing their e-mail, which means the cost of transaction amounts to zero. Trust me! It’s a real bargain!). It does not mean, however, that we have nothing to offer to you. Thanks to Kanga Exchange you can also sell cryptocurrencies without registering an account in our platform.

The website will come in handy. Here you can generate and credit the address of a temporary wallet. During the transaction you will get unique data generated personally for you, such as a coupon ID and PIN. Remember them since these are your keys – you will be able to exchange the coupon for cash only with these codes. How to use the coupon? It is very simple. Go to a stationary Kanga exchange office and give the coupon ID to the operator. When asked provide him also with the PIN code and finally get the cash.

Alright, but I have not seen you in my city yet.
We are developing our network and I can promise that soon we will be present in every city. But before that happens you may buy or sell cryptocurrencies in an ATM or cash deposit machine. The only limit is the amount (AML procedures allow us only to take transactions up to PLN 4000 for clients who do not have an account in Kanga Exchange) and technology – the ATM or CDM has to allow for BLIK transactions! The process of carrying the transaction out is very simple. You contact us by phone at 22 26 62 454 or via @KantorKanga telegram and our lovely and most helpful assistant will lead you by the hand. You will get a code and a PIN to complete the transaction and in case you are buying cryptocurrencies this way, you will get information about your Kanga wallet being credited to your e-mail address.