Important information regarding the opening of the KNG market

Attention! Important information regarding the opening of the KNG market!

The KNG market will open on Monday, September 27 at 12:00 CET in pair with USDT.

On September 26 at 12:00 CET, the day before, it will be possible to place orders to sell the KNG token. Kanga will place an order to sell 100,000 KNG tokens at the price of $5 per token – this is an opportunity to buy KNG tokens for those who did not participate in the last IEO KNG organized by TenSet.

At the same time, from Monday, the KNG POS system will buy KNG tokens from the market at the current price. The purchase size strictly depends on the collected commissions and fees charged to users as part of all Kanga’s services (e.g., exchange commission, exchange office fee, etc.). For the first three days (Monday – Wednesday), the purchase will be significantly higher due to the accumulation of commissions and fees from the last two weeks (when the KNG markets were closed).

In accordance with the applicable rules, the KNG tokens obtained in this way will be allocated to be distributed among the participants of the KNG POS. 

Remember: If you want to participate in the increased PoS award for the next few days, you must deposit your tokens by the end of Sunday, September 26 at the latest.