How to protect your personal data and funds online and at Kanga Exchange?

 We take our lives online more and more often nowadays: we do our shopping, we work, we pay our bills there. The Internet has made our lives easier, but at the same time we are more vulnerable to different forms of danger that lurks in the net. SCAM is a popular term used to describe all sorts of fraud and crimes and the individuals who are involved in such activities are called scammers. The risks related to cybercrime does not only concern wealthy people or big corporations. Each user (yes, including you, Dear Reader!) who logged in but once to an online shop, online banking system or a social portal is exposed to hacker attacks.  

How to recognize a fraudster? 

Being an account holder at you are also in danger. Scammers pretend to be our ‘agents’, ‘brokers’ or ‘ambassadors’. ‘Brokers’ and other criminals (indeed, stealing you identity, fraudulently obtaining your money or setting up an account with your personal details is a crime), pretending to be stock agents, usually contact our users by phone, calling from suspicious numbers (often from other countries), try to contact them via Whatsapp, well known social portals or even through their mail boxes. They promise easy investment and fast profits. For example, they may ask you to pay „as little as PLN 1,000”, since they guarantee that in return for that amount you will get 0.1 BTC or ETH. 

Remember – Kanga Exchange does not cooperate with any companies which offer help in trading and becoming rich thanks to cryptocurrencies. Neither do our workers contact users in order to make them any offers to buy or sell, nor give investment advice. We are not qualified to do that. So never submit your personal details, passwords or your phone number on suspicious websites luring you with extra profits. That is not how the world of cryptocurrencies work – nobody will ever give you additional funds for depositing money into some account. It is a fraud!

What to do when you have been frauded?

We will present two most common cases our Customer Service team has to struggle with most often. 
Situation 1: “I lost access to my e-mail address after someone tried to ‘take over’ my mailbox”.
What to do? First, it is always a good idea to verify your account through KYC (Know Your Customer) at Once you have your identity verified, contact us, describe your case and we will hold a video conference with you during which we will verify your identity. Next, we will change your e-mail address in your account to a new one. Then you will be able to make transactions on our exchange again and most importantly you will not lose the funds accumulated in your account. 
Why run a KYC verification? So that we can access your documents (i.e. the document with which you confirmed your identity). Thanks to that we will know that you are our user and not a scammer! KYC is not as black as it is painted, is it? It is useful specifically for your own benefit! 

Situation 2: “I have been scammed”.
The second most common situation is when, unfortunately, you took the bait and went for the extra profits, you gave your personal details, e-mail address, access to your computer and even to your bank account. Or you paid your lifetime savings to an account provided by the fraudster, and the so-called ‘broker’ disappeared. 
What to do? The first thing you should do is immediately notify our Customer Service about the incident. Write us at and describe your case and we will promptly block your Kanga account so that you have at least a slight chance of getting your funds back. Remember that blocking your account is not a form of penalty for wrong behavior, but an attempt to protect you! We never block your account without giving a reason. Blocking is effective when we suspect that there is something not right, i.e. when there is suspicion that it is not you making the withdrawals from your account or not you being ‘active’ on our market. 
The next step on our end will be to contact you. We will invite you to a video conference so that you can tell us in person and live all about what you described in your e-mail. Do not be afraid of this type of conversation. We are here to help you, suggest possible actions to take on your end and present what we can do for you. 

Summarizing, never believe any offers from alleged ‘agents’, ‘brokers’ or ‘ambassadors’. According to the cryptocurrency market laws, such professions do not exist. These are mere fraudsters. 
Additionally, always protect your account at by using 2FA verification, that is a two factor authentication. Then even if your e-mail box is attacked or your passwords are stollen, no unauthorized individual will log into your Kanga account, because you will have to confirm the logging event by providing a code only you will know. 
Just as you protect your money in banking apps, protect them equally on Kanga – those are your funds, which sometimes are lifetime savings. Be cautious. The devil never sleeps and lurks at every corner waiting for us! 

author: Klaudia Ospa
Customer Service Manager at Kanga Exchange

Technical analysis of the Matic token 6-07-2021


From 21st June when it formed a double top at the level of 0.00064919 Matic has been experiencing a downward trend. Over the last two days it formed a double bottom on the 0.000490 support, which can indicate the end of the downfall trend and a rebound. If that were to happen, then the nearest resistance level is MA55 (0.00052069) and the 0.236 fibo level (0.00052807). Breaking those levels will open a way towards the 0.382 fibo level MA100 level, so the full 0.00055-0.0005577 zone. If, however, the current 0.00049 support was to be broken, further decline towards the level of 0.0004475 will have an open way.

The RSI indicator is on the rise again, yet still holding under the level of 50 points. Only breaking out above that level will give a clear signal for purchasing. From the beginning of the month MACD has been generating a slight upward signal, but the final confirmation will only come when the MACD line climbs over the zero level. Turnover so far has stayed low.

Trade safely!

Restistance levels: 0.00052069-0.00052807, 0.00055-0.0005577, 0.00057-0.0005764
Support levels: 0.000490, 0.0004475, 0.00039267

Maciej Harcej – Liga BTC for Kanga Exchange

Technical analysis of the KNG token 6-07-2021


Kanga Coin (KNG) has been firmly gaining in value against the PLN in recent days and all that with increasing turnover. It bounced from the minimum value at the level of 3.12 zloties a week ago (Sunday 27th June) to reach the maximum of 4.39 zloties on Saturday 3rd July. And on that day we observed the biggest volume on the currency pair – almost 65,000, creating a doji candle, which usually implies indecisiveness on the market. A correction appeared already on Sunday and now we are experiencing a defensive battle for the 3.50-3.68 support. 

If indeed the support at the level of 3.50-3.68 can be defended, we can expect another upward move for KNG towards 4.00 zloties and a subsequent rise to the last peak at 4.30-4.40. If, however, the 3.50-3.68 zone was actually broken, then another move toward the level of 2.9-3.12 is to be expected.

Current price: 3.73

Resistance levels: 3.88-4.00, 4.30-4.50, 5.00
Support levels: 3.50-3.68, 2.9-3.12, 2.5


After KNG/ETH broke out of the former consolidation between the levels of 0.0003 ETH and 0.0004 ETH for a few days we were observing an obvious rising trend. During this time of increase KNG reached the maximum at the level of 0.000515 ETH on 22nd of June and since then the KNG/ETH pair has again been forming a consolidation of 0.0004-0.0005.

Since this Saturday we have been observing a few attempts to break out from the consolidation zone downwards, yet each time Bulls manage to defend the support leaving long wicks at the bottom, which indicates a strong demand below the support level. 

If the situation continues with each day there is higher probability of an upward move. Then the nearest resistance level is 0.000483-0.000513. If, however, the support zone of 0.000375-0.000400 was actually broken – which I think is less probable – we shall be returning towards the 0.000295-0.000301 zone.

Current price: 0.000426

Resistance levels: 0.000483-0.000515, 0.0006
Support levels: 0.000375-0.000400, 0.000295-0.000301

Arbitrage option:

The KNG tokens can also be obtained for ETH on the Polygon network with the use of Quickswap ( where the purchase price is 0.000419584, so that is 1.5% more expensive than on Kanga exchange, and which gives us the opportunity of arbitraging the swap on Polygon and the Kanga Exchange. 

The KNG tokens are also available on Uniswap v2 in Etherum network ( Here the current price is 0.00044368 ETH for 1 KNG, so 4.0% more expensive than on the exchange.

Maciej Harcej – Liga BTC for Kanga Exchange

We are expanding our Polygon listings – welcome AutoFarm!

We have devoted ourselves to find the best gems for you. We focus on lesser knows, low cap project with a working product and a huge potential. We are pleased to announce this week’s listing – which is the AutoFarm network.
This is a yield optimisation project which works similarly to YearnFinance. AutoFarm currently works on Polygon, BSC and HECO. Imagine optimising your yield on multiple chains to maximize your return. Vaults on AutoFarm currently offer up to 7000% APY! Think YearnFinance… but multichain!

AUTO is the governance token for AutoFarm DAO. AUTO can be used for proposal voting and will receive fees earned from the protocol.
AUTO started with no pre-mine nor pre-sale. Total supply is only 49,896 AUTO.
Vault fees are used to perform market buy-backs of AUTO and are burnt forever. Over 1,2 mln USD in fees burned and over 780 mln USD in vaults already.

Listing details:
Market goes live on Wednesday (7th of July) at 12:00 CET
Deposits are open from today!
We are listing a Polygon based AUTO token and it will be listed under pAUTO ticker in the Polygon section. This way we want to provide our user with the fast and cheap access to one of the best DeFi in the space.

Go to to check it out.

Pro-tip: Don’t miss out on the arbitrage opportunities between Kanga and SWAPs!

Personal tokens – is there a point?


In my opinion, personal tokens are one of the most important tokens, next to company or share tokens, because they relate directly to a person. What or who is most important to people in life? Most will say family, friends. Only then are there: work, company and money.

Currently, personal tokens are still not very popular and appreciated, because there are few recognizable people who have their token. It is enough for a few idols such as Elon Musk to announce that they have their token and then the eyes of the whole world would turn in this direction. All this is still ahead of us, but it’s worth finding out more about it now.

What is a personal token?

There are many people who can be called a brand in itself. They earned their name, which makes them popular. Just as in the saying: “every man is the artisan of his own fortune”, each of us has their own value as a human being. This value can be presented in the form of personal tokens.

Thus, a personal token is a digital equivalent of the value of a specific person (by name and surname) who issued it and made the primary and secondary distribution of the token on the market.

The best investment is an investment in people and their development. Even if a person’s business goes bankrupt, his personal token still has a chance of retaining value as he or she can start a new business in which he will be successful. It is important what competences, experience, and contacts this person has.

How to give value to a personal token?

The very name of a popular artist, i.e. a consciously and effectively built personal brand, gives value to their tokens, so it may be much easier for them to “start” their project than for a little-known entrepreneur. This does not mean, however, that less known people have no chance – each of us can issue our own token. A person who does not have a community gathered to be successful should simply put more effort into building their visibility.

It is advisable that the personal token is covered by the work of a given person, the services they provide (e.g. consultations, training, tutoring) and the prizes that can be obtained for it (e.g. albums with the artist’s music, a footballer’s jersey).

The trust we place in the person who has become tokenized is also crucial, because it has a direct impact on the value of their personal token. In the event of loss of trust, it will be very difficult, and often even impossible, to regain the value of the token, because you only have one face and surname.

What are the benefits of self-tokenization?

First of all, the benefits are for the issuer of the personal token, because by selling its tokens, it can raise capital to achieve its goals and objectives. In this way, it is possible to create your own money, and thus – to apply financial models that already operate in our environment.

Thanks to tokenization, the issuer establishes relations with the community that owns its tokens (with the so-called holders). It is committed to making the tokenized person successful and increasing the value of the token. How do they express this commitment? For example, they promote its services or products, review them, actively participate in contests, loyalty programs, and other endeavors. In such a situation, everyone benefits – the issuer receives additional publicity and the most effective form of advertising (i.e. other people praise their activity), and the person holding tokens can expect a profit resulting from the increase in their value.

There are also additional benefits for the holders of such tokens. The issuer may provide them with products or services that are not available to anyone else – e.g. an additional bonus, discount, gadget, extended offer, consultation, and even a dinner with a celebrity 🙂 It is worth mentioning here about tokenomy, i.e. the economy of personal tokens.

Applications of personal tokens and examples of tokenomy.

Personal tokens can have many uses, e.g. they can have the function of payment, loyalty, collector or share tokens. It is important to prepare an attractive tokenomy so that the token can not only exist, but above all – survive and develop. How to do it? For example, you can give them away as a prize for participating in a competition, exchange your favorite musician or a footballer’s shirt for CDs, or provide the option of paying with tokens for the issuer’s service. You can also sell tokens on the exchange so that the holder can convert them into cash, as well as purchase them for bitcoins, ethers or other cryptocurrencies. How the issuer will drive the motivation to have their tokens depends only on them. They are limited only by their own imagination!

Personal tokenization on the example of JKCOIN

I am a freelancer, IT specialist and I run a sole proprietorship, that’s why my company is me. I issued my own personal JKCOIN token in 2018 on the platform and I was one of the first in Poland to do so. Over the years, I have managed to develop an attractive and rich tokenomy for my token.

JKCOIN is mainly a utility token and serves as a loyalty point in my IT company. The economy of my token can be described as a loyalty – share – payment token.

Loyalty – because I have launched the TokenBack program, where the customer, when buying IT services in my company, will receive 5% of the value in the form of JKCOIN tokens. In addition, if he wants to recommend my services to friends, he can get a 10% commission on sales. I also offered additional benefits to my token holders who are in a closed group of JKCOIN Holders.

Share – because there is a finite amount of it, and the tokens used by customers are destroyed, it makes it less and less, so it becomes disinflationary.

Payment – because you can use it to pay for my IT services and receive a 20% discount compared to the traditional PLN currency. In addition, I launched an online store with rewards for JKCOIN tokens.

My token is listed on the Kanga Exchange, so it can be easily sold and bought. Listing on this exchange also allows you to withdraw tokens in the form of cash from an ATM or to a bank account.

Examples of famous people who have become tokenized

Przemysław Saleta – utility token – in exchange for SaletaCoin you can, for example, arrange a training session with an athlete.

Rahim Blak – a personal token as a participation in a human being, i.e. in what Rahim will build through his undertakings, expressed in his profits. Tokens (i.e. holders of RahimCoin tokens) receive an annual dividend.

Szczepan Bentyn – utility token – you can buy his book for BentynCoin tokens or arrange a consultation.

Pamela Anderson – a collector’s token.

What is the future of personal tokens?

Here we are only limited by our imagination. I believe that soon we will be able to pay with personal tokens in a store for everyday purchases.

Now you can exchange personal tokens with each other, which is possible thanks to the SWAP function on the Kanga Exchange. In addition, they can be exchanged for any other token listed on this exchange, e.g. for electricity in the form of a CKWH token. This makes it possible to barter without the current financial system. Isn’t that innovative?

Jacek Kołodziejczak for the Kanga Exchange

Technical analysis of the KNG token 29-06-2021


Kanga Coin, after dropping from PLN 4.24, at the beginning of May still remains around PLN 3.5. Throughout June, we observed several attempts to bring the KNG token price lower, but each time there were many buyers who took advantage of such a favorable price and bought these tokens from PLN 3 to PLN 3.5, and with increased turnover. The result was long lower wicks on candles, which is especially visible from June 6th to June 12th. On June 18th, we also had a very high turnover (almost PLN 25,000), an attempt to break the top from the current consolidation and a move towards PLN 4, but with much lower turnover, the KNG token returned to PLN 3.5.

For now, therefore, in the longer term, KNG is valued at PLN 3.5 by the market. Only the break above PLN 3.95 – PLN 4 should start a long-term uptrend, and a fall below PLN 3 – a downward trend. However, looking at the volume of turnover each time there is a decline and the depth of the order book, it seems that a downtrend is less likely.

Current price: PLN 3.48

Resistances: 3.88 – 3.96, 4.34 – 4.5
Support: 2.9 – 3.12, 2.5


The KNG token reacted, like other cryptocurrencies, to declines in Bitcoin, which resulted in drops from PLN 3.88 on June 18th to PLN 3.12 on June 26th. However, there was a demand with increased turnover and after a temporary stop, the token began to bounce up by itself, and this movement was additionally supported by increases in bitcoin. Currently, the KNG token is under significant resistance, which is the level of PLN 3.5, which previously prevented it from further increases on June 24th. If we manage to break this level, the current declines can definitively be considered  over and the road to the price of PLN 3.75 and ultimately even to PLN 4 will open.


The situation on the KNG coin in relation to ethereum is very interesting. While we observed a consolidation in relation to the PLN in the longer term (daily candles), those who left ETH to KNG at the beginning of June should not regret their decision in May. At that time, the KNG token reached the minimum level of 0.000205 on May 13th, and the maximum on June 22nd at the level of 0.000515. Currently, the price is around 0.000488 and this is still with the price increase on ethereum.

The KNG / ETH pair is therefore in an obvious uptrend, and breaking the resistance 0.00048300.000515 opens the way towards 0.0006. Long bottom shadows on the candlesticks indicate further gains, which indicate demand for KNG below current prices. Also, a large number of buy orders lower in the order book and a relatively shallow order book above the current price indicate that breaking the resistance should be much easier than the support.

Current price: 0.000479

Resistances: 0.000483 – 0.000515, 0.0006
Support: 0.000375 – 0.000400, 0.000295 – 0.000301

Possibility of arbitration:

KNG tokens for ethereum can also be purchased on the Polygon network using Quickswap( where the purchase price is currently 0.000457889. This is 5.5% cheaper than the Kanga exchange and allows us to arbitrage between the Polygon swap and the Kanga exchange.

KNG tokens are also available on Uniswap v2 in the etherum network( Here the price is currently 0.000458 ETH for 1 KNG, so 4.5% cheaper than on the stock exchange.

Maciej Harcej – Liga BTC
for Kanga Exchange